Good News is a great value contemporary evangelistic newspaper used by churches and missions across the country.

Every month, Good News reaches thousands of readers with true stories of how God is changing the lives of those who put their trust in his Son, Jesus. Using jargon-free language, it also explains how everyone can find a personal relationship with Jesus.

It is full of dynamic testimonies and celebrity interviews and it’s an ideal bridge into your community with the Gospel.

You can give the Good News outreach newspaper to people in your area in many ways, for example:

  • Door-to-door in your neighbourhood
  • Gifts for guests at church services and evangelistic events
  • Through community groups who use your church building, such as parent and toddler groups, senior citizens’ luncheon clubs, etc.
  • Handing personally to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues
  • Distribution in prisons, hospitals, dentists’ and doctors’ waiting rooms

Every issue describes how to become a Christian, and there is a coupon for readers to fill in who would like free information or who would like to speak to our Christian counsellor. Space is provided on the back page to add your local contact details, and we can produce a localised edition for you.


Good News is designed to appeal to those who would normally buy a tabloid newspaper, e.g. Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, The Sun, or read a free paper like The Metro. Every issue contains dynamic testimonies of people who have found that knowing Jesus is a life-changing experience, both celebrities and ‘ordinary’ Christians, plus other articles that feature the ‘good news’ of what God is doing in the world today.

To show that Christianity is concerned with the whole of life, not just the spiritual dimension, Good News also contains articles on interests like recipes, movies, music, science, and those indispensable parts of every newspaper –  a crossword and sudoku!