‘Casting Your Nets’ is an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple for all church members

Evangelism has too often been the ministry of a few enthusiasts rather than every individual Christian. Casting Your Nets shows how this can change. The practical training we offer equips every church member to share their own faith in Jesus Christ. But we not only equip Christians with the know-how of outreach, but also show them how to use some of the most effective materials.

Casting Your Nets equips and resources ordinary Christians to respond to Jesus’ call to ‘cast your net’ on the right side of the boat – where the fish are.

What people say about Casting Your Nets

‘Great talks with so much information on methods of evangelism, wow, and how important these are to the growth of our churches.’

‘Inspiring, down to earth, biblical and simple, I was really glad I went.’

‘Casting Your Nets' training equips everyone to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.’


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