Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the ‘Casting Your Nets’ training cost?

Outreach UK who cover the Casting Your Nets evangelism training sessions are a charity who depend on Christians to fund their work. OUK don’t charge for their training sessions, but very much appreciate any financial gifts given to support travel expenses and their work. This enables the ministry to continue, to grow and to develop.

2. What do practical sessions involve?

Outreach UK has several evangelists who are happy to help churches by offering both theory and practical evangelism training sessions. The practical session normally includes the opportunity to engage with visiting the community around your church building – alongside the evangelist. Hands-on evangelism training has proved to be most fruitful in helping people get used to engaging in evangelism and then keeping going with reaching out with the gospel.

We can talk this through with you so that you are comfortable and happy with what is proposed.

3. What does my church need to provide Outreach UK when coming to lead a training session?

We look for a building that is accessible for any who want to attend the training – and the equipment to run the sessions.

This includes –

  1. video projector
  2. laptop
  3. screen
  4. lectern/table
  5. Bibles
  6. notebooks and pens
  7. tea/coffee/biscuits for the break-time

Practical Session –

  • Roads to visit if including the practical session
  • Literature about your church to give away
  • Good News Newspapers and PTL Gospels to use on the day and ongoing church evangelism

4. I’m thinking of running a CYN Training Session myself – What do I need?

It depends on how you are going to run the training session/sessions.

If via Zoom
  • Then the ability to ‘Share-screen’ is vital. Make sure it works.
  • The PowerPoints are free to download from the training tab on the CYN website. (However a donation will help the work of Outreach UK to continue.)
  • The PowerPoints include the basic ‘Leaders’ notes needed to run each session.
  • Run through both the PowerPoint and notes beforehand – so you are familiar with them.
  • A full copy of the Outreach UK Evangelism Handbook would be useful – but not vital. (This is available here for £18 including p&p)
  • Have some Good News Newspapers and Pocket Testament League Gospels ready to use – if via Zoom, give a copy to each participant before you lead the session on ‘Using Literature’ – but it’s useful to do this anyway as it will enable your group members to start evangelising. and
  • Encourage participation while running the training sessions – but you may need to ‘mute’ some people at times!
  • Keep to time – both start and finish. We would suggest 90 minutes as a maximum.
If at your church/home group

As above, but also:

  • have the right audio/visual equipment ready to use – make sure it works.
  • tea/coffee/biscuits
  • Good News Newspapers/PTL Gospels.

5. How do I donate to the work of Casting Your Nets/Outreach UK?

Easy! Click on the ‘Donate’ button below to pay via PayPal

6. How do I join Outreach UK’s evangelists team?

I’m thinking of joining Outreach UK’s Associate Evangelists Team – what’s involved and how do I do that?

Outreach UK have a number already engaged in evangelism on a regular basis – they each pledge to do 12 hours’ evangelism each month. We are looking to see many more join this team of evangelists and the gospel reach many more.

You need to fill out an application form, agree to our Basis of Faith and have a reference from your church leader.

Applicants are normally already doing some form of evangelism – Outreach UK is focussed on ‘One2One’ evangelism.

Get in touch with the National Field Director for more info using this form –


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